with Michael Lum

Some Holiday Pictures

I wanted to share some pictures of our “Holiday Adventures”.  Some are pictures of events I’ve blogged about and looked forward to attending. Well, here are some pictures of us attending the events….Hope you enjoy them!!!“You do this, I’ll do that ” When you work as a team its easier to reach PERFECTION!!!!!!

The Christmas Boat Parade on San Diego Bay…………..


Great view from the Hornblower…..

and what would the Holiday’s be without Mili’s Sweets!?!?!?

Moist, Yummy and the best looking cakes, cupcakes & minicakes you’ll find……

December 1,2010..Lighting of the TREE of LIFE for World Aids Day

Tree lighting was a fund raiser for Mama’s…..

December Nights at Balboa Park

and our Neighborhood TOYLAND PARADE


One Response to “Some Holiday Pictures”

  1. great pictures, looks like a great start to Christmas’ in San Diego. I’m a little jealous.


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