with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Mili’s Sweets…..***** 5 Stars for sure!!!

San Marcos, CA 92069

(858) 722-2562

Voted “Best Cupcakes in Town” by San Diego Living’s
Cupcake Wars.

I saw Mili’s Sweets advertised and the pictures of her work.

Sushi anyone!?!?!?

How about a treat for Santa!?!?

My brother-in-law was having an event and Blue and  White was the theme. I saw the “Charger’s Blue” cupcake and thought it would be a hit.

I contacted Mili and ordered 200 “Charger Blue ” mini cupcakes.

We agreed to meet in San Marcos, and save her driving to SD, as we were heading to Long Beach anyway. We met, got the minis, which she had taped down to the box on their underside so as to be transported safely (Greatly appreciated) and made our way.

As it was raining hard both here and in Long Beach we didn’t actually look at the product. When we began to set them upat the event I noticed they weren’t  as I had seen in the pictures. The Blue was very minimal 20% and the Yellow was 80%. (Charger Blue are 1/2 Blue and 1/2 Yellow Velvet.) I was somewhat disappointed.

However, the FLAVOR and MOISTNESS… OMG the very best…Kids, Grandmas, Uncles, Aunts all loved the minicakes.

The next day I e-mailed Milissa and showed her pictures and expressed my disappointment. She e-mailed me back right away and apologized. She also explained the  “Charger Blue” cake was 2 layers of different colored batter. Accomplishing this with the regular sized cakes is no problem but maybe its not the best  to do with the minis. Somebody the night before had remarked how hard it would be to accomplish, especially with minis. Besides the explanation Milissa also offered a generous “credit” for another order.

I didn’t know at the time I wrote the e-mail about all her TV appearances and write ups in the press.

After receiving her e-mail I looked Mili’s Sweets up and saw all the accolades she was receiving with her new business. I was SOOOO Impressed. She had apologized and wanted to give a credit as she wanted us to be happy. She could have been defensive, arguementative, etc. She was anything but that.
Yes I will use her again and she is a hard working, humble, business woman that will take critiques to better her company…so HARD to find. KUDOS to her.

Only I knew what the mini’s were suppose to look like, so the disappointment in their appearance really only was mine.
Even though I was disappointed and may have given her 4 stars, her attitude and  professionalism is worth 6 stars. She really cares!
About the credit she extended, my family wanted to “cash in” on the day it was offered through her e-mail!  We’ll wait for a Special ocassion…LOL


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