with Michael Lum

Burning the “BOMB HOUSE” down……

It still dumbfounds me how this man could have so MANY bombs, and materials to make bombs, in his house! His wife and dog lived there also. What was she thinking!?!? NEVER have so many bombs or bomb making materials been found in one location in the history of the US. Some of the materials are so aged. One wonders how long and for whom was he making these bombs.
So fortunately for the neighbors, the county, maybe country ,the gardener stepped on the bomb in the yard. If he had not, what would or could have happened? What was he planning?

UNfortunately for the gardener he ended up in the hospital. Thank God he was not seriously hurt.

So now, all the neighbors had to move out , for a couple days, the 15 is closed both ways, the tax dollars being spent to implode this home.  I know its a small price to pay verses a terrorist attack.

Now, as we watch on TV  as the home is about to be set on fire, we wonder how we can feel safe? Well, do we know our neighbors? In the “old days” people knew each other, about each other, where they worked, etc. Now nobody knows anything about their neighbors. Maybe it would be wise, as more and more of these situations keep arising, for us to know who are neighbors are and what they do. You know, Be Neighborly.

Photo: Spencer Thornberg

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