with Michael Lum

Amarin Thai

3843 Richmond St
(between Essex St & University Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 296-6056
I have to say there are good, and great, Thai Restaurants in San Diego. But the BEST has to be AMARIN THAI.

The entry immediately sets the mood. The walkway to the entrance reminds of being in Thailand and going down a side street to a favorite eatery. The elegant but understated decor, along with the hostess’s charm and attire further add to the initial experience. The table is set very elegantly complete with silk silverware holders. Now the wine list! Such a varied selection! French, Italian, Californian, South American, German and at price points for every budget.

The menu selections are a melding of flavors in unique and flavorful ways, with names like:

The Love Boat Sampler……

Drunken Noodles…… with Duck

Mad fish……Filet of Sole spicy and hot with a Thai Salsa
Mambo Mambo Chicken……Chicken and Mango in a Red Curry
The Little Mermaid…..Shrimp marinated in Sake wrapped and fried

These are all created with talent and imagination with the adventureous diner in mind. The familiar staples for the more conservative are available as well, like Chicken Satay, Pad Thai Noodles and Yellow, Green or Red Curries.

With many of the entrees you are given a choice of Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, or Shrimp, Scallops or Squid.

The lunch Specials range in price from $4.99 – $8.99 with the same choices mentioned above.

The presentation of the food is like works of art. Stacked or laced with sauces and colors, served in pineapple boats or steaming soup tureens.

The care, creativity, quality of  food and service surpass so many other establishments. Water is always refilled and used dishes removed promptly.
To top things off the check does not come close to what you think you would be paying for the wonderful experience.

Trust me, it is not just a meal but an experience.


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