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REVIEW: Dim Sum Wars…. Jasmine Seafood vs. EMERALD CHINESE

We were told to go to Jasmine for Dim Sum. Not knowing better we did. Hands down the worst for Dim Sum. In a way I’m glad we went to Jasmine first because when we found Emerald we truly appreciated it. Hands down the #1 BEST for DIM SUM.

JASMINE Seafood Restaurant
4609 Convoy St
(between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd)
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-0888

It is big, literally. High ceilings, huge diningroom, huge attitude.  We were there early 11:00 am, they opened at 9 so it wasn’t a real busy time. We were seated an then waited at least 5 minutes before anybody came over. It was the waiter who we requested water and Diet Cokes from. Did NOT ask for hot tea.

(side note: They will automatically charge you for hot tea if you don’t say NO, sometimes even when you do say NO!)

It was 10 minutes before any Dim Sum cart appeared. It took so long and then it was so bland. It was 8-10 minutes between each cart. Probably due to the fact the place is so BIG. After about 20 minutes the water finally came. Then we asked for diet cokes, again. We ended up never getting them, although we knew they had heard us because we were charged for them AND the hot tea we had said “no” to.

Do I need to go on?!?!? No.

3709 Convoy St
(between Aero Dr & Kearny Mesa Rd)
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-6888

For starters they have not one, but two or more friendly hostesses who greet you. If by chance they are busy, others will ask to help you. The room itself has a very welcoming feeling.

At Emerald, you are barely sat and the waiter/waitress is asking if you want beverages. The carts are heading over and within 5 minutes you are eating and have your beverage. The carts come around often, dirty dishes and baskets are picked up and second drinks are offered. Wait, are we in a Chinese restaurant!?!?!?! Are we actually experiencing, Service? Yes.

This is what amazes me. If they run out of something you want, when they come out with a “new round” of items on their cart , they come by and bring you what you wanted. This is service. The flavors are as excellent as the service.

The duck is actually meaty instead of greasy, the dumplings packed with filling and a great selection of noodles.

They classify their DimSum by Small, Medium and Large plates and the pricing follows as well.

However! Monday through Friday they have the lunch special when all the Dim Sum is priced at the “Small” plate price.


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