with Michael Lum

5 Point Auto Detailing


1640 Camino Del Rio N
(at Bus Access Rd)
San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 972-6524

These guys are unbelievable. They are courteous on the phone and explain the different services they have available. They also give you options, they will come to you with one of their mobile trucks or you can go to them in Mission Valley. When I got there they didn’t try talking me into other “add ons” which was great.

They worked on the car about 5 hours and WOW. I had bought the car when it was only 2 years old with 6200 miles so it was pretty clean. The car that I picked up was cleaner!

The interior was spotless. Months ago I was using it as a U-Haul on a move. It was horrible. They got every stain out. They even washed inside the wheel wells. It is well worth the money. If there  are things they cannot do ie…deep scratches, dings in the bumper etc. they have people to suggest that will do the jobs. I am actually including a picture of my car as proof. The car was so clean that when I picked up  friends I wanted them to take off their shoes!

Look at their website: …the before and afters, its true.

Before            (scratches)             After

Another thing that is so great is that they are very “green thinking”. They have a process that uses no water. But if you chose the normal process, and if they come to you, they actually bring a mat that absorbs the water as to not create a mess.

They do a great job on both counts, for your car and for the environment…


$10 off All Packages of $150 or More!

Receive $10 off any package of $150 or more at our Mission Valley Mall Location!

 * Tues-Thurs only.


One Response to “5 Point Auto Detailing”

  1. Sounds good. I would go if i lived there/ had a car/ had a license.

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