with Michael Lum

Hornblower Cruises

Okay, BIG misconception that it’s only for tourists. This is a great way for tourists to spend 2 hours. Being out on the bay, learning about San Diego and enjoying the views of the city. But, residents will enjoy it as well! There is the one hour tour that takes you either North OR South but for a few dollars more the two hour will take you both directions and is more informative and enjoyable. There are refreshments, both beverages and food to purchase on board. I was very impressed with how much I learned about the city. The views were great and really with coupons it doesn’t cost much more than seeing a movie. So much more enjoyable.
For the more adventurous, they have a Weekend Brunch, Dinner, Happy Hour all sorts of choices. They offer Holiday Cruises as well. You might as well let somebody else do the cooking and the driving (at least of the boat).
We’ve been invited to a Christmas Event in December. I will follow up with a review then!


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