with Michael Lum

Veterans vs. Cruise ship passengers

As I said earlier it was such a dicotomy, Veterans vs. Cruise passengers. Then to actually see what I had earlier talked about, theoretically, was really thought provoking. Here we are Honoring the Veterans with a Parade, and a block away the Carnival cruise ship is docking after being rescued. Many of the passengers were complaining about 2 days of inconvenience, having to eat spam, no showers, no electricity etc. They shoud have walked over a block and seen the homeless veterans, crippled veterans, proud and patriotic veterans in the parade. Maybe they would have been grateful that they were alive and healthy.

It just made me realize, we need to be happy and grateful for all we have. Now. Forget yesterday. Forget last year. Things have changed. It may all be gone now. It may have all improved. We have now, today, this moment. It is our choice to be happy. Not content, but happy and at peace with what today has brought us or may bring.

I’ll continue my Quest4thebest, join me.


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