with Michael Lum

Tire Depot Inc

Tire Depot Inc
3189 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

It’s hard to believe these kinds of businesses still exist. We needed tires so we went in and talked to Ray. He asked what kind of driving we did. We told him the car goes back and forth to Palm Springs 3 times a week, so basically highway miles. He then made the suggestion which tires would be best. He also took into consideration the raining season is coming and the freeways can be hazardous without the right tires. After the tires were selected, we left the car. They then called and ASKED if we wanted to get an alignment as well. They didn’t talk us into it but suggested it to lengthen the life of the tires. We went to pick up the car and in talking with them casually mentioned that about 50-60 lbs of tools are transported in the trunk of the car on the trek to the desert and back. They informed us that would change the way the tires were aligned. They suggested to go home, put the tools in the trunk and bring the car back for a new alignment….WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!!! Amazing.

The week before, Costco (where the tires were originally purchased) had rotated the tires and said they were good for a couple months. They just haphazardly switched tires around as was noticeable the next day when driving over 60 mph resulted in the car shaking so badly you could hardly control it.

Thank God Tire Depot and the guys Ray and Miguel took the time and concern to really give good, sound, safe advice.


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