with Michael Lum

Real Deal Furniture & Mattress

Real Deal Furniture & Mattress
4810 Mercury St
(between Ronson Rd & Raytheon Rd)
San Diego, CA 92111

Real Deal Furniture IS the REAL DEAL. They were so ACCOMMODATING!!! I think most retailers forget that without us they would not stay open and as far as sales people go, selling furniture does not make you a designer. I have bought furniture at retail and wholesale, from custom to off-the-floor.

These are the things that matter:
Time table: The Holidays, which mean company, are arriving before we know it and we would like the furniture to be here before they are.
Taste: We would like the sofa covered in a fabric we actually like and matches our décor
Price: We don’t want to spend our entire Holiday budget on a piece of furniture
Attitude: with a good one we can come to some sort of compromise. Yes, I know its November. Yes I have a budget, it can be adjusted, BUT No, I will not take it in a God awful color and wait for it to be delivered for Valentine’s Day.

None of the following could do ANYTHING to ACCOMMODATE:
The Mall stores….”M”, “PB”, “JCP”, “C & B “,
Then the “Furniture Stores”, “J’s”, “TFW”, “EA”

The following could: REAL DEAL FURNITURE

Ian greeted us as we came in. Let us walk around then when we asked he helped us. We explained what we wanted, he showed us what they had but then ALSO EXPLAINED what they could do if nothing currently in stock fit the bill. We saw something we kind of liked, but not the fabric. We were told we could change the fabric choice and it would be about 2 weeks. Later that night we called and he sent us a picture of the sleeper with the original fabric so we could get a “second look”. The next day I went in and he had talked to his manager Christine, and we were basically able to pick from any fabric they had. In fact we were even able to take swatches home to see how they looked in our home. We found one we loved but it was from a different company than the sofa maker but they said no problem. We did pay an additional amount of course, however not much, and it would take a bit longer… ready in 4 weeks. We are thrilled and looking forward to our new sofa. They were pleasant, the price was great even after all that and we will get our sofa in 4 weeks! Oh, if you mention Yelp they pay for the tax!

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